Plans steps & a loving Father

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We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)

This week started as what felt like a normal week for me, a diary full of great people to meet with.  Multiple meetings to discuss how to see God’s kingdom advance in the lives of those around us, time to pray and prepare to preach, a time for rest and family…

I had a plan, and plans aren’t bad to have, but God determined my steps!

And so for me, this week hasn’t been anything like what I thought it would be – but I am so grateful to God that He orders my steps. I wasn’t visiting the hospital to find out I really needed to.  However, God determined my steps through the wonderful influence of people he put in my life and whispered to me by the Holy Spirit to go and get checked out…

For me, knowing that my sovereign Father who loves me determines my steps is not offensive in any way (as some find the idea of sovereignty) but is calming in the extreme.

And yet within the safety net of our loving Father’s sovereignty, He permits us freedom to make plans and decisions in such as way that somehow upholds our freedom yet does not restrict or limit His sovereignty – amazing.

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