Promises & faith-filled action (Joshua 1)

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The pattern in verses 1-9 of this chapter is that God makes promises to Joshua and God exhorts Joshua to faith-filled action in response to these promises that have been given.

Read through verses 1-9 again and list all the promises God gives to Joshua. 

Read again through verses 1-9 and list all the exhortations for Joshua to respond to these promises with faith-filled action.

Theses were promises made to Joshua, promises made to God’s people in that day at that time and yet God’s word is living and active and through His Word, God wants to speak to you today.

Ask God to speak to you now for your life.

Ask God to assure you of things, and ask God what He wants you to do in response with faith-filled action.

In verses 10-18 Joshua does as God told him, and commands the people of God to prepare by reminding them of what God has said in the past and what God has promised to do for them.  And the people respond and promise to follow Joshua their God-given leader.

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