The folly of not waiting on God (Joshua 9)

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Crossing the Jordan was in response to God’s leading, Jericho was a unique one-off God-given strategy, The battle for Ai (round 1) was a mistake made because of not seeking God’s guidance, round two of the battle for Ai – repentance and obedience resulting in victory!  Then,  Gibeonite deception (Chapter 9)…

These Gibeonite guys were crafty!  They heard of the victories at Jericho and Ai and God’s mighty deeds ( in delivering them from Egypt) and quickly summed up the situation and realized; ‘we need to make a covenant!’

Just like these Gibeonite guys, our enemy the devil is crafty, he is the accuser and the deceiver and so we need to enquire of God to avoid being deceived by him.

Scripture says that we must not be unaware of the Devil’s schemes, we must not allow him to outwit us (2 Corinthians 5:11)!

How were they outwitted?

Vs14 says that they; “did not ask counsel from the Lord.”

Folly starts with a head/heart attitude that says; ‘I’ve got this…’  The Israelites got themselves duped because they didn’t enquire of God.

May we, may you take the time each day to enquire after God for all sorts of things in your everyday life.

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