Declare His glory! (Psalm 96)

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Sing, sing sing!  Sing songs written by others but sing your own songs of thanks and praise – ‘a new song’ (vs1).  The Psalmist is exhorting us to sing to God, to bless God in songs of praise and thanksgiving for WHO God is and for WHAT God has done (vs2).

We are not to be silent but we are to sing, we are to declare to anyone who will listen the praises of our God (vs3-4) because God is great and He is greatly to be praised.  He deserves our praise, He is worthy of our praise, and the world needs to know it.

No one can compare to God, no other so-called ‘god’ who is really nothing can compare to the ONE who is everything. All-surpassing greatness is His, splendour and majesty are His, God and God alone is worthy of our praise (vs5-6).

Let all people all over the whole earth, people from every tribe, language, tongue and nation praise God (vs7-9).  So, give (ascribe) to the Lord the glory that is due to His name, worship Him, bowing down before Him.

Let the whole of creation praise Him, let the heavens praise Him, let the seas praise Him, let the fields praise Him, the trees and all of creation praise Him – the LORD reigns over all, the LORD is worthy of all praise from everything!

As we race towards Launch Sunday, let’s do all that this Psalm exhorts us to do.  Let’s make His praise glorious, let’s sing, let’s ascribe to the LORD greatness and declare to all who will listen how great God is.  I can’t wait for Launch Sunday and the opportunity to make God’s name famous with our story and our thanks.

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