A Psalm of Thanks (Psalm 145)

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What a Psalm absolutely bursting with expressions of praise and thanksgiving! God is forever to be praised, everyday God is worthy because of His greatness which is immeasurable (vs1-3)

What David knows about God, what we have experienced of God needs to be passed on, the story of our walk with God and all we have discovered about our great God needs to be told to others and told to the next generation (vs4).

Our public praise and thanks achieves many things simultaneously;

  • God is honoured and glorified,
  • We keep a right perspective
  • Our faith is strengthened (as we recount how God has acted on our behalf)
  • And others are encouraged by our testimony to put their trust in this great God we are praising

So consider, what has God done in your life, in the life of our church?

Consider also, how you can glorify and thank God, how can you pass this experience you’ve had of God on to the next generation and to others who either don’t know God or could be encouraged in their faith by your testimony?

‘The Glorious Splendour of God’s Majesty’ (vs5 in the ESV)

David says in verse 5 that he meditates on the ‘glorious splendour of God’s majesty’. What is that? Spend time now thinking about God’s majesty, picture it in your minds eye, imagine God on His throne surrounded by angelic beings and worship and then worship God for what you see.

God’s wondrous works (vs5 in the ESV)

David also says in verse 5 that he meditates on the ‘wondrous works’ of God. Again, consider some of what this includes and worship God for it;

Creation – consider that our God made the earth, all creatures & all humankind. Look at creation today, look at people and be amazed by the beauty of it, it’s intricacy and design and praise God.

Relationships – consider that God made us with the unique capacity for relationships. We were made by God in order that we could have a relationship with God! You and I have the ability to hear God, speak to God, be loved by God and to love God. In addition to this, we were made with the unique capacity for relationships with one another. Thank God for His design and His purpose.

Redemption – consider this, that God responded to our rejection of Himself by graciously loving those very ones who had rejected Him and setting in place His plan to redeem us from the consequences of our own sin, at great personal cost to Himself.

Provision – consider all of God’s provision for your needs!

Protection – consider that God is ever mindful of us, always protecting us. I know that one day in heaven we will appreciate more fully how remarkable and continuous that protection has been.

Incarnation – consider that God chose to willingly leave heaven, leave His rightful throne and subject Himself to time and space, to the brokenness of our post-fall existence and that God did this all so as to save us from our sin and to give us His perfect life!

Wisdom & Guidance – consider that God lights our path for our lives and that God with His omniscient wisdom guides us through life.

Mercy & Grace – consider that God has not given us what we deserved, more than that consider that God has poured out on us what we never earned or deserved!

Adoption – consider that God didn’t just rescue you from the penalty of your sin but also established an eternal unchangeable family bond with you that bestows honour and privilege and peace. God made me His beloved child.

Love – consider that God loves you with an everlasting love. A consistent and committed covenant love that fills the heart to overflowing and settles the soul with ultimate peace. You and I were made to respond to this love lavished on you by Father God.

Proximity – consider that God has promised to never leave nor forsake you, that Father God sent the Holy Spirit as our Helper to make us aware of God with us, to remind us of Father God and to enable us to live as God want us to. Thank you God for making me the temple, the place in which You dwell by the Spirit, thank You for proximity to You!


As we race towards Launch Sunday, may we consider God’s glorious splendour and His wondrous works, may our mouths ‘speak the praise of the Lord, and may all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever.’ (vs21). Amen.


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