Intro to 1&2 Kings (May’s Bible Read Plan)

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This month, we are reading the books of 1 & 2 Kings. These books trace the very sad story of God’s people from the end of David’s life through the various kings of both Northern and Southern Israel and traces the interactions between these mostly ungodly kings and God’s agents the prophets. In the end both North and South are exiled and the books close with a question; HOW WILL GOD FULFILL HIS PROMISES TO ABRAHAM & DAVID & HIS PEOPLE? As we read, all along the way there will be things to apply into our lives!

Although there is more reading this month than you might be used to, it is narrative and so the way you read it is different to the way you would chew on one verse in Romans for example.  So read through the whole section assigned and then maybe just come back to the parts you feel God is highlighting to you.

Here is a great little annimation explaining 1&2 Kings –

May you be blessed and hear God speak to your through this month’s readings.

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