Untameable (James 3:6-12)

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From James 3:1-5 we know that the tongue is like the ‘master’ key to a Holy life. It is the one member of our bodies which has a significant x-factor! It can direct our lives just like a rudder or bridle can a ship or horse – so the tongue is supremely significant.

Even more so, because of its tremendous capacity for destruction and because of it’s resistance to restraint. The tongue in James 3:6-12 is likened to a fire, a spark that can set the whole of our lives on fire and it is compared to an untamable creature, full of deadly poison.

James’ descriptions of our tongue should shake us awake, alert us to the danger of underestimating this little member of the body. Our words, can and do start unholy fires. Untamed, our tongue is ‘a world of unrighteousness’ within us.

So can it be tamed? Humanly speaking, James says; ‘No way!’ “…but no human being can tame the tongue.” (James 3:8) We can tame tigers, falcons & snakes, “but the tongue It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison” (James 3:8)

But if the tongue can’t be tamed then what’s the use of warning us about its power for destruction if we can’t do anything to stop it?

James doesn’t say anything more on this question. He may feel that the hint is plain enough. That although we can’t humanly tame the tongue, tame it on our own, he knows that there was a day on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:2–4) there came a different fire from heaven to spark new fires in those gathered and to fill them with the very power they needed to have victory in life!

So, draw on the Holy Spirit’s help. Ask God to fill you again and to change you from the inside out, ask the Holy Spirit to help you get your tongue under the control of His power.

So that you won’t be like those who with their tongues bless God and with the same tongues curse the very men and women God made in his image! Pray for the Holy Spirit’s help in becoming consistent throughout your life, having no hypocrisy or inconsistency but being godly through and through.

Take time now to ask for the help of the Helper of heaven – the Holy Spirit.

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