Heaven’s Wisdom (James 3:17-18)

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James who earlier urged us to ask God for wisdom here in these two verses takes some time to describe the wisdom

Is Pure: to be clean, innocent. It is essential when in conflict to remain innocent in your thoughts and conduct.

Is Peaceable: to be peace-loving (NLT&NIV) one who contends for peace and harmony always.

Is Gentle: to be mild, kind & considerate of others. To be calm in one’s reaction to circumstances and people.

Is Open to Reason: to be willing to listen and to discuss other opinions and ready to be won over, to be willing to yield to others when there are different valid perspectives.

Is Full of Mercy: to have a considerable measure of grace for people, not treating them as they deserve but as they don’t deserve.

Is Full of good fruits: wisdom sows seeds that bear good fruit in the end and wisdom is to obey the Holy Spirit so that the fruit of the Spirit emerges more and more (Galatians 5:16-26).

Is Impartial: to show no favouritism and so being fair to all people.

Is Sincere: to be one-faced not two-faced, honest & full of integrity and without any double standard or hypocrisy.

Produces a Harvest of Righteousness: heaven’s wisdom will be seen in the long run by its fruit. Those who walk in this type of wisdom will sow seeds of righteousness that will ripen and bless in the future.

Lord, may I, may we be filled more and more with Your wisdom in our lives. For your glory’s sake, for your kingdom’s sake, for other people’s sake and our good. Amen.

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