Getting into the passage (Romans 1:1-17)

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Read the passage for the day 1-3 times over then take time to answer the questions that follow in a journal or a piece of paper to really get to grips with the passage and to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

1. What is Paul’s self-stated identity in these opening lines? (vs1)

2. If this is how Paul identified himself, what are the primary ways you identify yourself currently?  In what ways does this passage challenge that?

3. What was Paul’s purpose (vs1)?  In what way are you called to the same purpose?  What could you do today to line your day up with your purpose?

4. The Gospel summarised: the Gospel of God (vs1), concerning His Son (vs3), Jesus Christ our Lord (vs4).  The Gospel is the good news story about what God has done in giving us Jesus the Son, the Christ (Messiah) and our Lord. We have been sent to the whole world to call people to the obedience that comes from faith (vs6)

5. Why was Paul not ashamed of the Gospel (vs16)?  In what ways are we tempted to be ashamed of the Gospel of God?  Why do we not need to be ashamed of the Gospel?


Having read and meditated on this all, what is the main thing God has said to you?

Is there anything you need to do or pray about?




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