Another Month, Another Adventure

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If you track with my blog by now you will have worked out that we encourage our church members to grow in personal devotion to Jesus amongst other things through a devotion to personal bible reading.

To help encourage this we have had a custom Bible Reading Plan since 2012 where each month we choose a book or selection of Scriptures that we then work through together as a church. This allows for ‘reading in community’!

Personal Bible Reading is quite a modern phenomenon in the scope of all of church history and their are real advantages to reading with other believers and being able to share and discuss and engage around Scripture.

The past two months we have been in the Gospel of Mark (go back and find some of the devotions written for Mark’s Gospel). Just yesterday I was thinking how much I loved knowing that a whole bunch of us from Reconciliation Road Church had taken two months to walk through this great Gospel and not for a minute did it feel drawn out or boring!

This month we dive into the NT Letter to the Philippians with some Psalms thrown into the mix – join us in this adventure in August to know more of God and to hear Him speak to us through the Scriptures!

The BRP for August is in the header of this blog post, save it and follow along with us.


Gareth is one of the elders at Reconciliation Road Church in Amanzimtoti, South Africa – click the link to get more information about our church.

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